Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Role playing format. Essentials

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Leon Scott Kennedy
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Role playing format. Essentials Empty
PostSubject: Role playing format. Essentials   Role playing format. Essentials I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 5:13 pm

The basics are simple.

OOC: = Out of Character.

We do not wish to see.

'Hey man hows it going!'

*Leon Waves Frantically at zombie.*

Not Acceptable.

We want your words to flow, like a novel not a game.

Leon ran down the hall and shot a few stray shots over his head.'fuck.' He grunted as a small horde of zombies approched him from the front and the Hunter class tyrant followed closely behind him, he was worried and confused and not sure what to do, he took a pipe bomb and lit it tossed it at the group of undead and turned to face the Hunter.

^^ acceptable but a tad small just an Example.

Chat speak is not allowed in any forums and we'd prefer if you have issues to post them in the Complain sections. Thanks.

Another small tid bit.
Post as low near 50 as you like until you get a feel for the writing, then increase is encouraged but not required.
Posting below 50 is fine if you are getting the hang of the writing minimum but consistent posts lower than 40 words such as ten words or only a sentence will result in a warning.
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Role playing format. Essentials
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