Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki

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Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki

Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki

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Vincent Charles 'Saint' Miyazaki
Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki YoungGuns1

FULL NAME Vincent Charles Miyazaki
NICKNAMES/ALIAS Saint, Alpha, Running Blade, Shadow, Mist.
BIRTHDAY 1975, April, third
HOMETOWN Raccoon City
RESIDENCE Constantly on the Move
AGE 34
FACE CLAIM Lou Diamond Phillips

APPEARANCE Tall Dark and handsome, coming from a rich background from both his mother and fathers side, Indian, he has large brown eyes, long flowing hair, and tan skin, he is tall, and lean. Strong and fast, a Warrior. However his body is marred and scared from his endless battle against the undead and other foul creatures that Umbrella and Tricell have created. his face remains on tainted as of yet. He has two tattoos on of an Eagle shadow over a setting sun, the other of a Japanese dragon going down his left arm and right arm respectively.
ALLIANCE Survivor's
STARTING WEAPON Vincent has a variety of weapons coming from a military background.
HISTORY Vincent was born and raised in Raccoon City, to a Japanese researcher from Umbrella and a Native American mother, When he was sixteen he began Marine Corp R.O.T.C and when he was eighteen he was shipped of to Annapolis, Maryland, to become an officer, from 18 to twenty he was trained to be an officer, at twenty he was finished, and did his time, going on discreet missions for the U.S.M.C, He moved back home, and saw the new formation of S.T.A.R's at his home town police department, and Applied with his credentials, he was hired almost immediately and assigned to Delta Squad. After the Arkley Mountain Incident, he left S.T.A.R's and rejoined the Military as an expert on 'Zombie' Activity he was one of the few survivors of the 'Retake Newyork.' Operations Conducted in 2001, and has since been hunted by Albert Wesker, though staying in the united states has avoided him, though now, Africa draws him like it draws them all, as though flies to a bug zapper.

When he was seven he moved to japan, and was trained by his grandfather in the ways of Akido, and other japense martial arts and weapon skills when he was seventeen he made 5th Dan, and has now reached Seventh. He returned and finished high school in Raccon City. He finished with top marks. And joined the Marine corps.

DREAMS A Virus free world.
STRENGTHS Martial Arts expert, weapons expert, Fluent in Arabic, Russian, Japense Charoke and Black foot, German, French and Spanish, tactical and survival expert. Also an Expert with knife fighting and an expert marksmen.
WEAKNESSES Women, his drinking and smoking. He has a raging temper that causes him to fight blindly, and with little regard for his safety.
HABITS Smoking and drinking problem.
PERSONALITY Fast talking, good with a gun, and a ladies man. He has few problems socializing with others. He suffers however from bouts of depression and reclusive tendencies. He hates being bugged before a mission, and has even shot four men who disturbed him on the night or a few hours from a mission.

HOW'D YOU FIND US: How Did You Find RE:C?Uhmm, I helped build it.
LIST OTHER CHARACTERS: Other Characters?Leon Scott Kennedy
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Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker

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PostSubject: Re: Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki   Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 12:01 am

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Vincent 'Saint' Miyazaki
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