Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 McCracken, Quinton

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Quinton McCracken

Quinton McCracken

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FULL NAME Quinton McCracken
HOMETOWN Dublin, Ireland
RESIDENCE Moscow, Russia
AGE 33

APPEARANCE His hair is very short, a buzz cut. His build is stocky, and strong. He stands at 5'10", and weighs 180 lbs. He is powerfully built, strong, but not a body builder. He still has a gillysuit from his days in the military. He wears a black tee shirt, with a black vest over it, the crest of his Irish Special forces emblem on it. He wears black cargo pants, and has a white parka because of the Russian climate he finds himself in. He is normally seen carrying a large pack, unless he leaves it behind to clear an area.
ALLIANCE Survive first, fight the mastermind behind it second.
He takes the posture he learned in the military, bending his knees, walking quickly, but taking short steps. Sweat raced down his brow as he raises the crossheirs of the ironsight to his right eye, posing the weapon against his shoulder. His left hand dives from the barrel for a second, feeling his pocket for clips, one left, he begins to panic. He swallows loudly, a knot in his throat tightening as he feels his gut wrench in terror. He could hear them hissing at the end of the hall, they had found his camp, whether on accident or consciously he could not be sure of. He sees the wavering figure of the infected staggering past the front door at the end of the hall, and he aligns the woman's head with the ironsights, and squeezes the trigger. A quick blast, light erupting from the tip of the barrel, the gun kicks into his shoulder, a familiar kick, it makes him smile. He missed the feeling of taking the life of those who threatened him, there was something satisifying about killing that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Two loud inhuman roars screech, and turn the corner. Quin backs up a few paces, and with their speed he barely had enough time. He squeezes the trigger, and it kicks again as brains splatter next to the first's on the wall, but the second infected is too close. Quin throws his elbow forward, clocking it between the eyes and leveling it. It hits the ground with a thud as he places his foot on its chest, pinning it, and aligning its head as well. The bang rings in his ears as he poises them to hear, all was silent. His breathing comes in rasps, he couldn't waste any bullets, and thank the lord he had not.
HISTORY His parents were drunk, and abusive, but who in their right mind could deal with the reality set about them before the apocalypse? When Quin graduates high school he signs up for the military, they take him willingly, the government knows something. Quin had nothing, nowhere to go, and they sculpted this nothing into one of the greatest members of the armed forces they had perhaps ever seen. He set records in the drills, until an accident befell him. His chopper was shot down on a mission in Afghanistan, he nearly died, and suffered extreme mental trauma. When he came back home he was put in an insane asylum for 2 years while recieving help and therapy. The special forces needed him, and so at last when he was cured "enough", they sent him back out into the field, much to their demise.
A russian spy alerted the russians of their intention to use McCracken against them, and the spy uses chloroform to caputure and torture him. They asked him questions about his past and his training, so as to look for hints as to how to create such efficient soldiers. When subjected to pain, the man only laughed. They could not tell if it was his defense against interrogation, or a mental deficiency. In any case he was placed in an underground prison until he would talk, and when the infection rains hell on earth, he continues down there. Quin breaks from his prison when he notices the lack of guards, he lives on the food there, always fearing to leave, never knowing why. When at last resources are exhuasted he takes the only weapon he can find, any food that is left, what water he can take, his clothes, and a gillysuit for his escape. Little does he know that the infection has wiped out the human race, and stealth will scarecely work wonders against the seemingly undead.
SECRETS Is a masochist, and takes great pleasure in killing
DREAMS Insomniac, rarely sleeps due to an over active mind.
STRENGTHS Physcial combat, accuracy with firearms, combat tactics
WEAKNESSES Injury induces a very weak sense of cause-effect relationships, and often acts on impulses. While analytically smart, his isolation makes him terribly weak with people. Thinks of himself first. His priorities change on a whim, if he wants alcohol, he will fight the hordes for a drink wihtout thinking twice about risking his life.
HABITS Drugs, alcohol, language, staring into space, thinking.
PERSONALITY He rarely speaks, and is a thinker. While his thoughts are sometimes bizzare and random, it is consistent that he likes to feel pain, and inflict pain.
His strange desires lead him into often horrifying circumstances, but a part of his condition is a lack of fear or the proper ability to calculate the maginitude of danger that will become of his actions. He is almost always serious, save for when under the influence of mind altering substances, in which case he is not to be listened to, and to be kept an eye on.
HOW'D YOU FIND US: Referenced by a friend, and moderator of the site
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Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker

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McCracken, Quinton
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