Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Richter, Klaus

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Klaus Richter

Klaus Richter

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Klaus Ellard Richter
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FULL NAME: Klaus Ellard Richter
HOMETOWN: Berlin, Germany
RESIDENCE: Berlin, Germany
AGE: 42
FACE CLAIM: Richard Kruspe

APPEARANCE: Klaus stands at five foot and seven inches. He has light blue eyes and black hair that he always attempts to style in some kind of messy spikes, but when back in the town, he tries to keep it mature and just brushes it over. His right arm, which is a prototype prosthetic mechanical arm. It's metal is colored a deep black and there's also slight rust on the joints of the arm. His other arm on the other hand has it's muscle tone built normally for someone who shoots a shotgun. The old scars from the Chimera attack still mar his upper body, though, most of them are faded out. They are mostly on his lower abdomen and his whole back.
ALLIANCE: Survivor's
STARTING WEAPON: Ithaca 37 'Stakeout'

Klaus was crouched behind a crumbling wall with his gun ready, pressed against his chest. The horrid beings, which used to be average everyday people, were now wondering the hallow streets of Berlin waiting for the next clueless person to stubble upon them. The handful of people who survived now looked upon him to defend them from the horrid beings. Since the only person who wasn't afraid to go outside into the Infected area was him, plus half the idiots didn't even know how to fire a gun at that.
He glanced over to his right and saw a zombie slowly dragging its right leg as it slugged down the middle of the street. He removed himself from his crouching position and stalked off towards the mindless thing.

Maybe going after a zombie head on wasn't one of his best plans. He had used most of his shots and was now darting around crumbled building after crumbled building attempting to hide from the dead thing. Plus, the recoil of the gun had started to seriously effect his right arm. He normally didn't shoot this much and was afraid the recoil would soon lock the mechanical arm up for good. He fumbled with ammunition and dropped the rest of his shot onto the ground. They clicked against the concrete and rolled out into the street, revealing his hiding place to the zombie. He slid the last remaining shot into the shotgun and left his hiding spot.

He confronted the zombie once again. It had a few shot blown through it from Klaus' previous and failed attempts to re-kill the thing. He caulked the gun and finally stopped, allowing much space between him and the zombie. As he shot his last shot, the zombie lunged forward,which caused Klaus to miss as he dodged from the zombie's attempted attack. He fell over onto the ground and dropped his gun in the process. How could this be any worse? The zombie had stopped in front of Klaus' feet and simply stared at him. He took his chance and kicked the thing in the legs, causing it to fall onto the ground. He quickly picked gun up and scrambled to his feet. Taking advantage of the zombie's rolling on the ground attempted to get up, Klaus loomed over the zombie.
"You troublesome son of a bitch." He glared down at the zombie and slammed the butt of the gun into its head until it finally stopped moving. The zombie's horrible liquids dripped from the butt of the gun along with its brains. Disgusted already over the beating of the zombie's head and the disgusting smell it was releasing, he shook the gun off softly and started to track back off from the way he came from. Hopefully, that was the last zombie for the hour.

HISTORY: Klaus was born, raised, and now lives in Berlin, though, the world wasn't as crazy as it is at the time. His mother and father had normal paying jobs and raised their son in a normal life. After graduation school, the virus outbreak soon happened and the world was drug into complete chaos. In the duration of his life before the accident, he had lost many close relatives and friends to the attacking zombies. He soon learned how to fight and fire a gun after the death of his father. He was really never the type to fight, though, the death of his father gave him some common sense and swore that his mother would never die how his father died.

Four years after the death of his father, he and his mother had been attacked by a Chimera. This fight was a fight he was not going to win. After being thrown and beaten around by the monster, it attempted to finish him by ripping his right arm off. After being thrown aside after the monster thought the extreme lose of blood finally killed the man, the only thing that he remembers from the attack was the thing walking off towards his elderly mother. A week after the attack, he soon found out that it had ripped his mother apart. The death has always been burnt into his mind since.

After the attack, he hadn't woken up in such a lovely place. It was cold as a hospital but just a bit more dangerous. The European branch of Umbrella had found him nearly dead after investigating and finding the escaped dead Chimera. They brought him in and surprising, did not test him with the T-Virus. They instead replaced his missing arm with prototype mechanical prosthetic they had developed, though it was still one of their strange and abusive test. For they had been planning on mixing robotics with the virus to attempt to develop an monster.

Years after everything, the world is even further down the hell hole than it was at the start. Klaus now lives with a group of survivors and does everything to protect them from the hellish monsters on the outside of the barrier. The hand full of people he protects looks to him when they have problems or anything period. Most of the survivors are women and children, which caused him to get the cruel nickname, though, it wasn't on purpose. A small girl and her mother who had just arrived at the small survivor town was directed to him for watch. The girl had saw the arm and soon called him 'Maschine', which is machine in German. He didn't take kindly upon the nickname but it soon stuck as many other survivors who came to the town started calling him by the nickname as well with the already living survivors before the nickname.

DREAMS: To bring an end to the complete chaos the world is engulfed in.
STRENGTHS: Excellent skills with guns and many modern military weapons. He's bilingual and speaks English fluently than most of the people he knows. He's also able to convert any weapon,once it has ran out of ammunition, into some type of blunt force weapon.
WEAKNESSES: His right arm is an experimental prosthetic and has many flaws. It has been to lock up and not move for either a few minutes or even days. He also has the phantom limb problem which causes extreme pain even with the prosthetic arm in place.
HABITS: Heavy smoker and addiction to pain medication
PERSONALITY: He's extremely talkative and is pretty friendly for the circumstances of the world. His mother always told him to keep a smile on his face even when the times were bad. Frowns aren't going to make it better. When under stress, he pulls out that handy pack of cigarettes and starts smoking attempting to concentrate on the problem or zombie. He can get pretty nasty once someone or something makes him angry but for most of the time, it's extremely hard to make him angry. Klaus can also become extremely bitter and snappy while his right 'arm' decides to show it's phantom symptoms and cause him pain, which is why he always carries around some kind of pain medicine to keep it from being in pain.
HOW'D YOU FIND US: I was invited by a moderator~ <3


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Richter, Klaus
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