Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 White, Ulrich

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Ulrich White

Ulrich White

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White, Ulrich S15460

FULL NAME Ulrich White
NICKNAMES/ALIAS Dealer, Mr. White, Rickey
BIRTHDAY January 9
HOMETOWN Pretoria, South Africa
RESIDENCE London, England
AGE 26th
FACE CLAIM James Marsden


Ulrich stands at 6'4, with tone muscles and a lean body. He is Caucasian, though a lot of people don't get that impression because of the incredibly dark tan that he always seems to have. He is generally good looking, with bright eyes and a winning smile, though if you see the large red birth mark on his back that would probably put you off. It covers a large the middle left area, above and to the right of his shoulder blade.

He has jet black hair which is almost always messed up and spiked all over the place, back when he went to school he used to mess it up in a certain way. It was like an art form to him. Nowadays though, it's just wherever, no artiness included. The hair doesn't look very long, but if it went straight down then it would go to around the bottom of his ears. Ulrich's eyes are blue, like his mother's.

ALLIANCE He's a survivor trying to get by, given the choice though he would probably side with Wesker, he would view that as his best bet for survival.

STARTING WEAPON Ruger P-90 .45/M14 - The Ruger is black, and is kept in a holster on his left shoulder. The M14 is also black, and it usually hangs diagonally across his back, a strap across his chest keeping it in place.

Ulrich looked through the site of his M14. There were too many of them down there, he would have to find another way around. For three days now, he had been fighting his way back to his Uncle Mylo's house, everyone in his family would have gone there because of the bunker-like basement he had where he kept a lot of his guns. His other Uncles had thought it too risky to keep any merchandise in their houses, so had had not reason to fortify any parts of their houses.

He twisted his body, looking behind him - ever since he had entered the city he had always been looking over his shoulder, terrified that some of those... those things would jump him when he wasn't looking. Relief didn't fall over him as he was reassured that he was alone up there, part of him wished that he would just be killed so that he didn't have to be terrified for his life every second of the day. Not to mention that if he was dead, he might get some decent sleep.

A demented yell pierced through the air, causing the survivor to spin around stand up out of his crouch in surprise. One of them had spotted him, and now all of them were running at him. Ulrich let out a yell of his own, though this one was of fear. He brought the site back up to his eyes and aimed at one of the creatures. They may have been human at one point in time, but the definitely weren't now. He pulled the trigger, the bullet missing the lead one that he was aiming for, but sliding smoothly into the skull of the one behind it. They were only about 50 yards away now, 3 of them running at him in full speed, two of them leading with one trailing behind slightly. Ulrich aimed again, one of the lead ones. He squeezed the trigger, but didn't watch to see if it hit anything. He spun around and ran back to where he had "slept" that night, an old Pizzeria that had surprisingly not been completely torn apart and ravaged.

There were some in front of the door.


Ulrich was born in Pretoria, South Africa to an Arms Dealer and a refugee medic from farther north. After living in Africa for a few days, his father sent his mother and him to live in England, where he said it would be safer. He himself did not go, because according to him there was an immense amount of money to be made selling weapons to people who fought the "plague", as he called it. He got infected two weeks later.

Besides the fact that he was raised by a single parent, Ulrich lived a pretty normal life. He had many relatives in the area who made sure that he and his mother were always fed and taken care of, even though they were filthy rich anyway. School wasn't too big a deal with him. He got average grades, was an average athlete and had average friends, though he was quite good looking. During his late teens, a few of his uncles took interest in him and began teaching him how to shoot guns, without his mother's knowledge. By the time he was 20, they had made him an errand boy, running around the country meeting with clients - both existing and potential. He loved his new job, it was exciting, and he often got to show off his skill with a pistol. When he was 26 they gave him the position of an actual arms dealer, and they themselves financially backed him. They said that the world was getting better for them by the day, and soon Ulrich would have paid them back in full. Fortunately for them, they were right. Unfortunately for them, they were really right.

A few months after his 26th birthday, his world came crashing down on him. He was in his room filling out paperwork when he received a call from his mother. They never even spoke, there was just screaming, then silence. He called one of his Uncles to ask what was going on, and it wasn't good. His Unlce told him to get out of London and to run. So Ulrich ran. He has just recently come back to London, hoping to find his Mother and his Uncles.

STRENGTHS Charismatic, Powerful, Has Many Resources
WEAKNESSES Can Be Reckless, Not The Brightest Guy In The World, Money Hungry
HABITS Twiddles His Thumbs, Routinely Checks His Guns

Charismatic - Ulrich is very charismatic. He is a natural born leader with many willing followers. This is one of the main reasons his Uncle Mylo decided to become partners with him, he is able to convince clients to buy, and to convince investors to give.

Money - He grew up with his Uncles telling him that money and wars makes the world go round, and he is a zealous follower of this religion. He is a morally good person most of the time, but if he has to dabble into some gray areas to get a potential client to buy, then he has no problems with it. Like his father before him, he has instigated some wars himself, gotten some people to become angry and spill blood when they never would have before.

Confident - He is very confident in his various abilities, sometimes a little too confident. For example, he is very confident in his ability to hit any target with his M14, but when his life is on the line, he isn't as good a shot as he would like to believe.

Charming - He has a winning personality, and he knows it. This combined with his charisma is the reason he is such a good salesman and employer. There have been a few times when clients had been on the verge of switching to another supplier, and every time his Uncles had sent him to sort things out.

HOW'D YOU FIND US: How Did You Find RE:C? Admin told me about it.
PM, AIM, MSN, EMAIL, ETC I could PM this to you, though if it is required here then I'll edit.

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Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker

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White, Ulrich
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