Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Karamzin, Dmitri

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Dr Dimitri Karamzin

Dr Dimitri Karamzin

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Doctor Dimitri Karamzin
Karamzin, Dmitri Tn2_hugo_weaving_1

FULL NAME Dimitri Gubin Karamzin
AGE 45
FACE CLAIM Hugo Weaving

APPEARANCE Tall and Stern, with eyes hiding years of pain, he has brown hair, and pale skin. Brown eyes and a receding hairline
His eyes are deep set, with crows feet on the outside. When he smiles it is neither beautiful nor cruel but sad. He has large ears and broad shoulders
He stands at Six-One and is in excellent physical shape.
ALLIANCE Tricell/Umbrella
HISTORY Born and raised at the height of communist power, he was raised by his father a war hero from WWII and his mother a scientist on Stalin's own counsel, the only female to receive this honor, he was the first and only child to the aging couple. He was raised to believe that russia had claim to the world and thus has never lost this believe, at age 12 his parents where brutally killed in a robbery, and he was sent to his Uncle outside of Moscow a deaf old war vet, who griped and moaned and used the boy as a servant and attempted to steal the boys inheritance.

When he was eighteen he received a hefty sum of money from his parents, and went to England where he studied science, and within a few years he had already advanced far further into the field than many twice his age, he graduated with full honors from Oxford university. And went on to achieve his Bachelors and masters decree, after this he returned to Russia and began working for the Umbrella branch there working in various aspects of it. And making friends from Hong Kong to New york and Raccoon city. He worked for Umbrella until its supposed collapse in ninety eight.

From there he began working for a little known group known as Tricell and is now its Leading European specialist, and developer, becoming famed for his work in anti virus serums, and other programs that only he and one other person know about.

In 1983 He married his college sweetheart Marica Gabinvich, they had a wonderful friendship and an unbreakable bound, in 1995 She became pregnant, however she lost the baby and became depressed as did her husband however he supported her and comforted her in 2001 a tragic accident in the laboratories his wife and their new unborn child where killed, ever since than Dmitri became cold and cruel to his underlings and students.

SECRETS Wife's death due to a scientific accident.
DREAMS To advance the science and make a perfect world, through force if necessary.
STRENGTHS Speaks over one hundred languages including German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish. and various others he is fluent in most and English. He is decent with a handgun however he has never fired a shot.
WEAKNESSES Blindness to the evils of Wesker, Depression from loss of his wife, etc.
HABITS Smoker and heavy drinker however not when on the job, twiddles his thumbs when excited.
PERSONALITY Before his wife's untimely death he was devoted husband and a kind man, however since her death, he has become cold even cruel. He wishes to control the world thinking along the lines that it is unfit for those who live in it. He suffers from depression and Bi-Polar disorder, having outbursts of anger when he can handle the situation rationally.
When he is having a serious bout of depression he retreats to his private office and stares at pictures of his wife, and holds his wedding ring and rubs it through his finger.

NAME/ALIAS:Name/AliasRobin Da Hood
HOW'D YOU FIND US: How Did You Find RE:C?I'm co-founder and Admin.
LIST OTHER CHARACTERS: Other Characters? Leon Scott Kennedy, James Delehome, Vincent Saint.
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Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker

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Karamzin, Dmitri
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