Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!)

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Ivan Romine

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Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!) Empty
PostSubject: Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!)   Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!) I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 28, 2009 7:59 pm


Ivan Romine
Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!) Blake-fauxhawk


FULL NAME Ivan Lawerence Romine
BIRTHDAY August 6th
HOMETOWN Glendora, California, U.S.A
RESIDENCE No official residence
AGE 29
FACE CLAIM That...guy...up there?


APPEARANCE Ivan is a bit small in stature, but built like a swimmer with a bit more muscle then most swimmers. He stands at five feet, nine inches tall and his skin is slightly tanned. His face is very soft, and his eyes betray this softness. He has dark rings under his eyes from many long nights of study and inability to sleep, seeing as he has acute insomnia, and could appear very boylike if his soft brown eyes weren't so sharp. His face is clean shaven, and he removed all former piercings he possessed so as to avoid them getting caught in combat. His hair is dark brown, with soft brown/blonde natural highlights. He usually wears it short and messy, but sometimes fashions it into radical spikes or fauxhawks. He also has a virtually hairless body, and the body hair he does have is a transuculent blonde.

STARTING WEAPON Trench knives and Sawn off shotgun (Unkown brand)
Ivan roamed the abandoned hallway, his first real assignment since joining the B.S.A.A. His palms were sweat, gribbing the bronze handle of his trench knife barely. He slipped his fingers through the knuckle piece more assuredly, trying to calm himself down. He wasn't usually so jumpy and afraid, but this was all very new to him. He had been seperated from his group after a convienent rock fall (Lucky him) cut him off, almost crushing him in the process. His squad leader now barked orders into his onyx earpiece, and Ivan adhered to them closely, taking a left at the next corner. His breath caught, letting him utter one word before being noticed by the horde of lumbering flesh heaps before him. "Shit...".Ivan began to back away as they lumbered towards him, at a jogging pace. He prepared his trench knife, using his superior reflexes and agility to duck under the swipes of sharply nailed hands to cut vital, or formerley vital, parts with his sharp silver blade. He continued to jump back every now and again, his small stature letting him avoid the claws of the infected scum and preform acrobatic manuevers that only the adreneline pumping through his veins allowed him to preform. He prepared to pull his second knife from it's jet black leather sheath when suddenly, a thick black rope shot from a gap in the remaining infected and lashed around his arm, leaving a stinging pain. He finished putting the trench knife on his left hand, letting the right one clatter to the ground harmlessley as he cut the tounge from his arm, leaving a writhing black tounge on the ground. The voice in his head continued to shout orders and questions to him, but Ivan chose to ignore it. Once his mind was set on something, everything else was unimportant, though he'd probally get chewed out for it later. From his hip he pulled his last resort weapon, not wanting these abomanations to get the better of him. A sawn off shotgun, of high quality it seemed, a gift from his late father.
He pulled the trigger, letting loose the shell from it's prison, and unleashing hell upon these things and the unseen tounge lashing thingy.

HISTORY Ivan was born in California to a college professor, Lawerence Romine, and to a mother who died in childbirth. He was thus, raised by his father solely. His childhood was very bleak, in his opinion, and he doesn't remember much. He was an Olympic Junior Gold Medal swimmer, he recieved many awards for his studies and extra activities, though he remembers very few of them, and moved around a lot with his father during vacations and is very knowledgable when it comes to different cultures and languages. In college, he pursued a career as a law major with a medical minor he cares not to disclose.

During the second semester of his second year in college, his father died at the age of 62 due to natural causes. Ivan was thrown into emotional truama, suffering the loss of the only man he had ever been close to, his only family, and promptly severed all ties with the world and dropped out of college. After a year of mourning and odd jobs used to support himself, Ivan began to train to become a police officer. At the age of 25, after 3 years of being a cop, he worked as a detective for a short time, constantly alternating between the two professions. He joined the B.S.A.A at the age of 28, with newfound knowledge of his fathers involvement with the organization. Armed with a burning passion to rid the world of abomanations, his own two trench knives, a swan off shotgun recieved from his father's will, and a bloodthirsty determination to learn more about his father, Ivan set off. He has yet to be assigned a permanent partner.

SECRETS Follows the "don't ask, don't tell" when it comes to everything, especially his sexuality. Also harbors a deep love for occult studies, but is afraid to be labeled a nerd. (Horror movie fetish, anyone?) Also used to dream of becoming a nurse.
DREAMS Wants to be a hero, of sorts, and recieve thanks for the justice he delievers. Also wants to find out about his fathers double life.
STRENGTHS Ambidexterious, Analytical, Agile, Accurate, Focused.
WEAKNESSES Not very durable, One track mind.
HABITS Doesn't sleep very often, and has trouble staying asleep when he does. Scratches himself until he bleeds when nervous, also very jumpy when nervous.
PERSONALITY Ivan is a very quiet and reserved individual, not speaking unless spoken to, unless he has something to say. He is very focused and determined, choosing to follow one thing faithfully until he finishes it. He has few friends due to this, but the friends he does make are defended with fierce loyalty. He is also very passionate about his beliefs and values, defending them with physical and verbal challanges and assualt.


NAME/ALIAS:Tyler, Tai, Sparkly Pants
HOW'D YOU FIND US: Ocy. :3[b]

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James 'King' Delehome
James 'King' Delehome

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Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!)   Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 12:18 am

Hello Good Sir, You sir are approved!
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Ivan Romine (Damn, retyping it cuz I accidently closed the tab!)
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