Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Project L.O.K.I Lab

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Dr Dimitri Karamzin

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PostSubject: Project L.O.K.I Lab   Project L.O.K.I Lab I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 7:02 am

The doctor was running routine scans on his pet project soon to replace the outdated Nemsis and Tyrant programs, only two men in the entire world knew of this Project the one was the man at the computer, the other was Albert Wesker, the Mastermind, yes the Doctor was a mere pawn compared to others he was his own fledging, a godling of Wesker's own creation or perhaps the term would be Demi god? Perhaps it was the doctor knew not nor cared. He kept typing away as he waited for the phone call to come.
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Project L.O.K.I Lab
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