Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Goetz, John

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John Goetz

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PostSubject: Goetz, John   Goetz, John I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 15, 2009 9:10 pm

[size=large]CHARACTERS FULL NAME: Goetz, John[/size]
Goetz, John Ravenwood

BASIC INFO: John Goetz is a Mercenery, former military he makes a living fighting zombies and improving his stakes in the T-Virus infected world
FULL NAME: John Goetz
AGEL thirties
FACE CLAIM: Goetz from "Jericho"

APPEARANCE: Goetz is tall with black hair and a goattee, he's pretty rough looking but it comes from his line of work, he wears khaki pants, a black long sleeve shirt, and a bulletproof vest, he is often of good temperament until he needs to get what he wants in which he will stop at nothing
ALLIANCE: none yet
STARTING WEAPON: M16 automatic rifle
HISTORY: Goetz has served in the military and in Umbrella Corps fighting forces for a long time, at some point he stopped following orders and went into business for himself, he views his mission as one to help the people he interacts with but in the end he is out for only himself and those with him. as stated above he is of a nice temperament until he doesn't get his way in which he will do anything to get what he wants, including kill non-infected people
with the advent of everything breaking down his plans are as of yet still uncertain. whether he will be kind or ruthless is still up for grabs at this point but killing the infected is not all that is on his list of things to do.
SECRETS: he has killed innocent civilians
DREAMS: to profit
STRENGTHS: tactics and strategy as well as firepower
WEAKNESSES: patience
HABITS: Goetz acts like he's still in the military so his mannerisms and movements reflect his experience in fighting professionally
PERSONALITY: even temperament until annoyed, kind until someone uncooperates, not a hardhead, infact he'll cooly order the deaths of several people and not blink an eye, he has a way of getting things done to where he's a hot commodity among the survivors but also feared. you don't want to cross him on a bad day that's for sure

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Leon Scott Kennedy
Leon Scott Kennedy

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Though all I ask is that you pick /an/ automatic weapon, (Name one mate thats all, like M16 or M4 Or Aug-7 Ak-47 Something along those lines maybe even some details if it has armament's like a fore mounted shotgun or a shield or even a nubetube.) Thanks.
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Goetz, John
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