Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Leone, Michael

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Michael Leone

Michael Leone

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Character Application
Michael Gunther Leone

Leone, Michael Army_of_two

FULL NAME: Michael Gunther Leone
NICKNAMES/ALIAS: THe Godfather or The Enforcer
BIRTHDAY: January 3, 1975
HOMETOWN: Lancaster PA
RESIDENCE: Changes with each contract
AGE: 34
FACE CLAIM: Elliot Salem from Army Of Two

APPEARANCE: A massive man that stands at 6'2 and around 280 pounds of muscle. He has a shaved head, a scruffy face with blue eyes and a long scar over his left eye. HE is rather handsom. He has a few tattoos. USMC across his shoulder blades, Semper Fi under his right arm pit, Station 2-11 fire rescue EMS on his left calf and teh number 777 on his left forarm.
ALLIANCE: Undecided at the moment or who ever pays the most.
STARTING WEAPON: He has 4 weapons for now. His main weapon is an AK47 with a scope attached to it. Then he carrys two Smith and Weston 44. Magnum Revolvers. The his final weapon is a large 16 inch machette that he keeps in a sheth on his left shoulder.
HISTORY: Born in Lancaster PA he was a normal kid besides the fact he had anger issues. He was also a ladys man. After getting threw school he joined the Marine Core. He was in the core for ten years. After getting out he bacame a Mercenary for the Privit contractor company Blackwater. Now he is a free lancing merc looking for work, a good fight, a nice girl and new cooking recipes.
SECRETS: He loves to cook. He used to cook for his family when he was younger and always had dreams of going to culinary school but never followed threw with them.
DREAMS: To die an amazing death, start a family and open his own stake house.
STRENGTHS: Due to his size he is very strong and rather quick. his years of training as a Marine and merc made him an amazing shot. He is also an amazing cook and lucky at finding things.
WEAKNESSES: Once again, due to his size and varies ingurys his agility can be a bit slow at times.
HABITS: Smoking
PERSONALITY: A tuff outside and a tuff inside with a little soft spot at times. He will almost never admit he is wrong, even if he is dead wrong. He loves a good drink and a good fight. He is a major filrt and will tend to to drop what he is doing to go flirt with a pretty girl.
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Leon Scott Kennedy
Leon Scott Kennedy

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Leone, Michael
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