Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Oval Office

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Leon Scott Kennedy
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PostSubject: Oval Office   Oval Office I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 27, 2009 6:28 pm

Leon walked into the office and nodded at his fellow secret service members, one he knew, the other not so well, he walked and sat down in front of the Resolute desk, a desk with a history, made from the HMS resolute, a ship that sank in Queen Victoria's time he smiled a bit and waited for President Ferguson, his commander in chief, it had been a long time since he started he, and had worked for President Gramh, though Ashley still called him at home at least four times a week, he smiled and waited nodding his head as Ferguson was announced. He stifled and yawn.
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Oval Office
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