Resident Evil: Corruption

In the years following the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation a man once thought dead rises from a shallow grave, Tricell clenched in his grasp, and brings chaos back to the world.
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 Jeffreys, Andrew

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Jeffreys, Andrew Douglass
Jeffreys, Andrew Apg_jimenez_070620_ms

Andrew Douglass Jeffreys

Has no nicks or aliases


September 3, 1989

Warsaw Indiana

London England


See picture, I got it off the internet.

Andrew is about 6' 1" with a slight muscular build that he attained during his time in the United States Marine Corp. He has a scar that runs down his left forearm from a fight with T-virus zombies. He generally wears street clothes that are dirty from a lack of being washed.

Andrew is part of the survivors fighting against Umbrella Chemical

STARTING WEAPON Andrew takes the 9MM pistol out of its holster on his right thigh and takes aim at the T-virus zombie in front of him. Behind him he can hear the sound of feet moving. He aims for the zombie's knee and fires. The bullet strikes just below the kneecap, forcing the zombie onto the ground. Andrew turns to see a zombie walking slowly towards him. Andrew aims for the head and pulls the trigger. The bullet strikes the zombie's right temple, killing it instantly. Andrew turns back to the first zombie and walks closer to it. It is still struggling to get up from the shattered knee. Andrew puts two rounds into the zombie's head, killing it. He takes the clip out of the pistol and replaces it with a fresh one.
Andrew grew up in a small town in Indiana called Warsaw. He grew up living a simple, normal life. He graduated from high school and when he turned 18 he joined the USMC to pay for college. During his time in the Marines he served in a number of over-seas conflicts, giving him the valuable military skills he would need to fight Las Plagas and T-virus victims. When his four years in the military were up, he returned home to find that Umbrella Chemical, Inc. had taken many of the town's residents, namely Andrew's wife, sister, and father, to their regional plant. Andrew, along with many of the town's citizens, led an attack on the plant to rescue the kidnapped residents and bring them back. To their horror, they found that the residents had been used as test subjects for a strain of the T-virus. Chaos ensued and when Andrew returned to the town, without any of the once kidnapped residents, he seemed to be a changed man; more quiet and a sense of shock about him.

Andrew traveled with many of the men he fought with at the Umbrella plant to Washington, D.C. where they quickly found themselves in the epicenter of another T-virus incursion. After barely being able to last the week the three remaining members decided it was time to leave the country and see if Europe had fared any better than the United States had. Now Andrew and the other two live in London, doing what they can to help their fellow survivors during this time of great danger to the world.

Andrew had to personally kill his family members that the Umbrella company took to their plant for testing. He was traumatized by this and now suffers from it.

Andrew wants nothing more than to have the world returned to its former state, virus free.

Andrew has a military background which provides his leadership, teamwork, and gun-use skills. He is not afraid to take the life of another human being as a result. Andrew is proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

Andrew suffers from traumatic flashbacks to scenes of him killing his family members from time to time. This gets in the way of daily life in the daily fight against the parasite-induced zombies.

Andrew has become a steady drinker ever since the Umbrella plant incident.

Andrew is generally a quiet individual, but when he enters combat, he takes command of his comrades in arms and lets the orders fly. He has become hardened by past events and hardly ever flinches at the normal Las Plagas and T-Virus zombie. He doesn't like talking about any event of his past, and will stop talking to someone if they ask him about it unless he is good friends with them. Andrew drinks when he feels he has the time to and will occasionally become drunk, greatly hampering

NAME/ALIAS:Andrew Jeffreys
HOW'D YOU FIND US: I was told of this site by an RPer on another website.
LIST OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack Stanford and Will Mathes are the two people that accompany Andrew in London
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Welcome to the Military! And REsident evil Corruption.

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Jeffreys, Andrew
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